This website

This website will be used to share my experience as an Enterprise Architect. The goal of this website is to to create a place where new digital architects can learn about Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture. Articles can cover:

  • My experience with new business models / business developments
  • My experience with new technology solutions / technological developments
  • My experience with frameworks / methodologies / best practices
  • My experience of (tech / architecture) events

Martin de Boer

Martin de Boer started working in 2009 as a Business Consultant with a focus on Business Cases / Investment decisions. Later in his career he gained Project Management experience coordinating merger / de-merger projects (2011/2012 and 2014/2015). Both experiences prepared him to step into the role of IT Architect in 2015.

Martin has worked in the role of Solution Architect between 2016 and 2018 in Cofco International, an international trading organization for agricultural commodities. He first worked under supervision of an Enterprise Architects in the Rotterdam office. And later on he joined the Architecture team, which was headed by an Enterprise Architect from the Geneva head office.

In 2018 he started working in the role of IT Architect for the Consumentenbond. This was the first role in which he was fully responsible for the architecture of an organization, including the development of project start architectures, architecture vision documents and the architectural roadmap. In December 2022 he had grown into the role of Enterprise Architect.

In December 2023 Martin joined the Digital Architects Network (DANW) board as a volunteer to develop the YoungDANW community. In this capacity he organizes monthly sessions on the role of being an Architect and the best practices of developing architecture within organizations.

Martin has broad business (process) knowledge and has worked in the Sales, Marketing, Product development, Finance, Planning & Control, Legal, Tax, Risk Management, Operations, Engineering, Logistics, Content creation and Customer service areas. He knows how to match business goals with the right technical capabilities / solutions.

Martin has worked on projects involving ERP, CRM, CMS, CIAM, Data Warehouse, Middleware and CI/CD. He is TOGAF, ArchiMate, COBIT and Prince2 certified.